Monday, August 21, 2017

Natural (er) Beauty: Reasons+Solutions

De-regulation of certain industries is a dominate Fed Thing, these days- but in the USA- cosmetics and supplements-elude FDA oversight-ALREADY-in ways that might surprise consumers/users.

One solution-stick with European made products- load up on your favs when there. That includes mass globally marketed brands...where-we suspect...same name products are made differently-as in higher standards-on the other side of the Pond.

Another solution-for supplements-opt for brands with 3rd party verifications of potency/contents-while for beauty-buy small cult brands that have ditched the unregulated/tested for safety stuff to begin with.
Top Picks:

For fuller brows... EES™ (Essential Eyebrow Solution®)-developed by RMV Trademarks LLC-a clinically tested topical solution (on chemotherapy patients) that encourages the appearance of eyebrow hair growth/conditioning.

EES™ is patented, paraben free, hypoallergenic, pH balanced with natural black cohosh-and it's safe to paint on sensitive skin...apply liquid formulation with a cotton swab, 2x daily on dry, clean brows-then let brows dry-10-15 minutes before applying any brow powder etc,
FYI-eyebrow hairs are on a four month growing cycle, generally speaking---so as with most supplements-imo-give it about three months of daily use. A 2oz bottle should last 6 months-applied as directed.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


For end of summer vacays-that will carry the load straight into Spring-top picks for durable duffles+backpacks-with  eye catching patterns and trims....pack down and travel well (carry-on sizes all!!!!)- for long hauls everywhere.


further 'proof'---carry-ons-a must


Licensed merchandise with urban flair-Buxton's Budweiser
 men's travel/DOPP bags, RFID blocking wallets and accessories-including solid leather belts-sharp enough for urban style hounds - tricked out with functional metal hardware details- (bottle opener!)-delivering just in time for the first NFL kickoff...

Friday, August 18, 2017

FALL FAVS-Footwear :Part 3

Details and patterns- add flair to seasonless kicks...


Chunky Heeled Chelsea Boots+Chukkas
LATIGO-lace-y punch-out collar edge on faded red block heel Scout bootie-$119

Pikolinos burnished leather chunky heel shoes-fuse urban/artisan inspirations-Canada $195 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

FALLS FAVS-Seasonless Footwear

Part Two
Fall footwear-fast $ approachable way to seasonally transition to autumnal times when it's still summery temps. For weeks -and weeks.
Our picks -on trend made for walking footwear= smart buys that'll wear well into Spring.



SUPRA's women's mid top CUTTER-snazzy silhouette-vulcanized sole, slightly fit, minimal branding with that gold hardware lateral zipper.actually functions ez on/off.
Spring look-with functional block color outsole- pattern designs-refs the brand's surf/sake inspirations.
on right-SUPRA's Skytop Evo with gold Tcage-at quarter, heel + collar-and black foiled leather+black lycra upper-paired with white foxing...on left Skytop II-streamline look of the original in brick red foiled leather upper+black-neat detail-high foxing tape provides optimal shoe flex -vulcanized sole construction-distinctive tongue with 2 pull tabs.
NATIVE-insane lightweight-comfortable, affordable and vegan=win times 3! Men's  Johnny Treklite delivers in 4 colors $95-boasts hiking boots construction like compression EVA midsole, micro-fleece lining, treklite 2 part outsole w/ultra-light rubber outsole, metal eyelets, foam insole, upper-coated ripstop nylon-PU coated that's waterproof backing-defender repellent systems w/ Scotchguard™
women's NATIVE low moc slip-on-micro-fleece lining, white foxing-lightweight outsole


Revived Butter made in Italy brand-nailed it when it came to our musts for Fall accessible prices given the feminine deluxe materials and craftsmanship of each and every pair. LOVE...beige spotted pony on left bunch in Bella bootie $498,  Pecker pointy toe slide $338 and squarish leather cap toe flat-stylish touch to a comfort silhouette. Lilac Metal Brocade Cali $388-and Tanya Pink Metal Brocade $328- adds instant glamor to even the basic denim-white tee uniform...

Pointy toe booties in front...are (imo) most versatile it look has a whiff of retro elegance...from casual leggings to frilly Fall dresses-including cocktail frocks-top pick -BELLA silhouette....delivers in leather, velvet, satin or super chic swirling metal brocade-form $398. In the back-tie it up with a bow-ROMA mid calf leather boot-has that slightly wide top width-can tuck jeans suede or nappa $498

chunky heel is the easiest way to walk -add height...NIECE in black suede with floral embroidery  shouts out to country western flair-for city slick gals. $418. Chelsea boots gone luxe-Nadine sleekly available in nappa, suede and (not pictured) blue steel velvet $480

BUTTER LOVE=Ali Multi Velvet Paisley -had us grabbing our 70's YSL vintage out of the closet to pair with these 21st century block heel beauties $398

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fall Favs-SEASONLESS Apparel

Part One

70'sº in December-snow burying flowers-nope-this isn't JUST the weather in the southern hemisphere-anymore.

With all the buzz (and hoped for retail $) of the much hyped Fall collections...practically speaking -smart buys to get in autumnal mood are three seasons wearable- multi-tasking-urban/outdoor trendy designs -and price approachable.

Top Picks:
NAU-sharp urban functional design paired with eco-friendly sourced components-make NAU a fav label. For Fall -this chic knit -with shoulder button-adds to flattering diagonal drape-in pale grey color take wearers from cool Fall nights-to over AC-ed under interiors in July.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Snack Nation: New Products+Forever Favs...

New and old snacks...get 'cleaner' -crafty the best sweet indulgences...


Craft Beer Salsa by Mrs. Renfro's-fun medium heat-with beery flavor...merger of two local Texas businesses-the aforementioned +Rahr&Sons-cold ones...and at 15 calories-2 tbsp serving-tasty way to perk up chips and salads without adding the pounds.

Garden of Eatin  USDA Organic Nacho +Ranch Corn Tortilla Chips=   crisp triangle sized, scoop up the dip/salsa musts-with the addition of creamy cheddar cheese-or buttermilk-that surprisingly (to us)-worked with traditional spice-y heat we expect from this popular crunch. The Nacho flavor-has hints of tomato, onion, cayenne pepper and garlic -with organic cheddar cheese-while the Ranch contain 6 grams fat -25% less than other brands-and is gluten-free/certified Kosher-with organic black pepper, white pepper, chili pepper and cumin-giving off subtle heat.

GOOD HEALTH-better for you crunches-takes south of the border inspiration-with its savory Organic Tortillas Black Bean & Rice chips-slightly salted to perfection with Himalayan Salt. USDA Organic-non-GMO-organic whole grain whose masa flour and organic whole grain brown rice flour-blended with aromatic heat from red cayenne pepper, cumin, chili pepper-impressively mixed with SURPRISE -vegetables like carrots, broccoli, beets +spinach (all organic)-all serving up nutritional goodness (vitamins A, C K, Bs and even tad of IRON). Impressive-great way to give vegetable phobic a 'hidden' dose of goodness-sans trans fats or artificial colors.
Addiction alert-why do you think each and every MLB dugout probably goes through a case of sunflower seeds per game...sure beats the days of yore staple-chewing tobacco. NEW Flavor Fusion-Nacho Dill by GIANT. Sunflower seeds from North Dakota -grown by family farmers...get a seasoned twist...that-as we were told -super popular-especially now available Dill Pickle Flavored and BBQ-join the original salted version.  Widely available...and fyi-bags are resealable if for some strange reason-not eaten up all at once.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Gourmet Takes - Ballpark Inspiration: Part 2

Dressed Up Burgers, Scrumptious Crunchy Salads, Sophisticated Salty+Spicy Seasonings=Tempting  Takes on Ballpark Staples to eat at home.

California based, Cypress Grove's soft-ripened -Humboldt Fog jettisoned American gourmet cheeses from insular cult fav to mass adoration, as THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN® imo.
Cheese burgers-or grilled cheese PLEASE...ditch the processed bleh for melted nirvana via TRUFFLE TREMOR- a creamy luscious soft-ripened goat cheese enhanced with the aromatic earthiness of black truffles. A fav of ours (outta, like 3000+ selections)- from most recent Fancy Food Show-sold in wheel and mini sizes & widely available-including  company website w/ flat rate shipping $.

Corn on the cob companion, Kaiser roll/bread enhancer, or a rich full flavored BBQ enabler to grilled meats-fish-vegetables ...real deal Smoked Maplewood Amish Roll Butter by family owned Minerva Dairy may just steal THAT finger lickin' good ad slogan from a certain franchise...

Non-flavored-the hand packed-Amish Roll Butter -with premium lush thick textured ( 84% butterfat), is made by slow-churning process. Factoid-Minerva Dairy was founded in 1894-is fifth generation owned!!!!

Salads made of satisfying, slightly crunchy -and very slightly (barely) nutty, cooked up-  Pereg Naturals-KANIWA-aka Baby Quinoa-a superfood (protein, iron, calcium, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins-B AND fiber loaded) grain-like seed, native to Peru/Bolivia (non-GMO and gluten-free) ...will have even junk food only eaters-reassessing their notions of bland boring eats. Pereg Naturals-a maker of the popular- ready in minutes delicious flavored/seasoned whole grain entrees (pictured below) -introduces this quinoa botanical relative -that even for non-chefs-easily cooks up via simmering/sitting-and serves up deliciously-retaining its crunchy texture-(and imo-mush proof) with whatever spices, chopped/sliced/diced fresh vegetables, and/or protein is on hand. Can even used instead of breadcrumbs as coating.
PLUS: tempting entrees prepared with KANIWA-like this plant based burger  or veg, chili recipes-simply replaces artery cloggers without feeling food indulgence deprivation=HOMERUN!

France's LA BALEINE-is probably Americans first bonjour to gourmet salt. Set to deliver... their new sodium reduced natural sea salt-imo-  has best selling status potential-and a big bonus for  those who never met a salt shaker they didn't like-but for health reasons-need to cut back on the sodium ( like up to 50%). Interested-we tried and found no difference-practically-as La Baleine manages to preserve same salty taste as regular ole' table salt-and texture of fine version-via "presence of marine minerals directly from the sea..." FYI-stil loaded with potassium, magnesium, sea minerals and calcium-as yet another reason-even non-fancy feasters we know- use sea salt. Period.

Sun dried tomatoes have a heavenly pungent intense taste -yay- is brilliantly captured bottled ketchup-by California based Traina Foods. Spoil alert-try their take on this shelf stable-see it everywhere condiment-and you'll never go back to that mass market muck. EVEN BETTER: Traina Foods intros a new savory-rich USDA Organic Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup--that  delivers all the distinctive taste of sun-dried tomatoes-set to deliver soon. FYI-guaranteed to elevate+enliven any home version of backyard picnic staples-french fries & burgers-plant or meat based.
SOFI AWARD winner -Woodland Farms' Manitou Trading Bulgogi Seasoning-one of 82 blends offered up by this entity-is a zesty blend based on the trendy Korean BBQ staple-with tangy red miso, ginger- garlic, brown sugar, dab of sesame and sizzling hot red chili peppers. A little goes a long way-try a pinch or two on grilled anything...or add to butter/dips/dressings for added savory flavorings.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ballpark Inspirations: Feasts for Foodies

Stadiums nationwide- have amped up concession offerings-with exotic/ethnic cuisines and name dropping restaurant/food truck outlets serving up gourmet fare.

BUT most backyard bbq chefs, urban masters of city park grills, and outdoor campers (picnic glampers) hauling around provisions, still seem to prepare (prefer) the culinary classics- inspired by yesteryear's ballpark staples. 

What's different... sophisticated global palates and a preference for cleaner ingredients have upped the epicurean menu-adding spicy flair, and gourmet global flavorings -less the artificial additives and preservatives.

Part One:

                                                                 The DOG...
This nostalgic baseball stadium staple-has evolved from it's Coney Island boardwalk palatable beginnings...and is now not only meaty flavorsome-but ALSO a good source of healthy protein. 

Top pick-Bronx based A&H- had our family grilling +eating up its refrigerated Premium Beef Kosher Hot Dogs... (no nitrates or nitrates-and available in low sodium and reduced fat options too)---in minutes. 

Each 'Top Dog' delivers several bites of juicy deliciousness with smoky crispy casing grill stripes-easily fancied up for gourmand feasting- or simply served with just plain ole' yellow grain mustard. A backyard staple-for day or night time meals.
Available in a 12 oz patriotic red, white and blue package-with of 7 hot dogs-SRP $8.99. 

                                                                       The Buns...
AHHH-hotdog/hamburger/sandwich buns are not created equal-the original and organic ONE BUN pre-sliced chewy ones by OZERY Bakery are actually tasty and wholesome (made with real deal heart-healthy whole grains-non-GMO verified-delivering 7 grams/protein). 
Need proof of full-flavored goodness? OZERY baked buns are delish eaten on their own vs-the standard ones where any extras get relegated to feeding the local wildlife.
PLUS Kosher, no preservatives or additives, colorings or artificial flavors-in any Ozery Bakery products, actually.

Sauerkraut for the new century-red hot Korean Kimchi and German origin cabbage - sauerkraut-team up in this salty- savory new organic product by Eden Foods. This heated up zesty flavor-comes courtesy of organic red bell peppers, onions, garlic, ginger root, cayenne pepper, yellow mustard seed and chili pepper. And no additives or, win-win-both Kimchi+Sauerkraut-made via a fermentation process-are natural sources of good for you probiotics and other nutrients. Available in 18oz glass jar.

Pernicious Pickling Company-Extra Spicy Pickles-Habanero Hotties-spicy crunch-juiciness of fresh cucumbers freshly seasoned in apple cider vinegar and three types of peppers-plus garlic, dill + black peppercorns-for added kicks to any BBQ mainstay...and that ole' Brunch standby-spicy Bloody Mary. YUMMY. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Healthy+Better Tasting Drink Trends:Manganese, (with some magnesium potassium, zinc) loaded, naturally sweet (xylitol) Birch water-tapped from trees-joins coconut and maple as an in-demand hydration a new addition targeting active adventurers.


USDA Organic TREO are gulp-able fruity sips of Birch Water Infusions that contain only 10 calories per bottle- easily becoming fav drinks of ours. Available in four flavors (Strawberry, Coconut Pineapple, Blueberry, and Peach Mango l-r)-all contain pure birch water tapped from Vermont trees...AND all are  authentic tasting-non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan-naturally packed with minerals+electrolytes-+ only 1 gram of sugar. FYI stevia and erythritol are the sweetners. Bonus points-bottled in PET bottles.
SAP! Birch +Maple Sparkling Soda and Seltzer -in convenient aluminum cans-tapped from Vermont trees-with minerals+46 naturally occurring nutrients/electrolytes-aid hydration-naturally not too sweet sip. SAP! Maple soda-80 calories, Birch soda-25 calories, and Maple Seltzer-40 calories-all USDA Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free. Make good mixers too!
SÄPP BIRCH-taps Vermont trees in late Spring for its subtle sweet flavored (Rosehip, Nettle, Original) waters naturally containing minerals+anti-oxidants. Bonus-member of 1% For the Planet-and packaging-is 100% recyclable....and USDA Organic non-GMO, vegan-original has 10 calories/bottle serving.

Bahia- northeastern Brazil sourced  OBRIGADO Coconut Water...added 3 fruit infused flavors to their non-GMO 100% premium coconut water product line-up...that all have a refreshing taste that might appeal even to those who don't like coconut water in general. Pictured r-l Pineapple Strawberry, Mango Acerola, and Tangerine-plus original-all natural packed with Vitamin C and potassium.
Muscle cramp banishers-like spicy mustard and hot peppers-come in a way more convenient form=zero calorie Pickle Power Pickle Juice shots. Sugar caffeine, gluten, and GMO refrigeration is required with an extended shelf life of 2 years...handy! The 100% Natural Pickle Juice Sport contains 10x more electrolytes than sugary sports drinks -while an Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shot-has 15% more electrolytes. Tastes-as one might pickle juice.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hydration -Athlete Drinks:Part 3

OLITALIA, FIRE CIDER, Mediterranea Agoa del Mar Seawater, ISOCEAN, OXIGENE Water, HFACTOR Water


Infused, flavored, alkaline-d correct...are these liquids trends what mainstream consumers will spend coinage on-versus the practically free tap water? Seems that way...

Tart tangy PGI Balsamic of Modena (Italy) and Apple Cider Vinegar-both blessed with touted health benefits like revving up metabolism/burning fat, minerals + nutrients' blessed-Potassium, Calcium, Vitamins B2+B3, healing tired up/out muscles (alkaline effects) and naturally loaded with biophenols (slow down cellular aging process)-comes together in tasty flavored drinkable options by OLITALIA. Sip it straight up-we did and surprised how palatable and subtly fruity they all are (low calorie too-obvs, and verified Non-GMO, NSF certified gluten-free, ),or mix it- in cocktail/drinks- or in recipes like summer salads-available in antioxidant loaded Cherry, Blueberry, Pomegranate. TIP: 5 parts water or other liquid-to one part Olitalia=drink. 
Fire Cider USDA Organic -inspired by old family cure all recipe-fuses raw organic wildflower honey to balance out the heat from raw organic garlic, onion, horseradish and spicy haberno peppers-for sweetish-tangy, multi-tasking apple cider vinegar NICE -packaged  in an eye catching apothecary inspired,  16oz amber glass ($26.99) as well as 8 oz size. Shelf stable 18 months.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Gut enhancing fluids, nutrient blessed dairy alternatives  - tempting consumers-delivering life's winning edge...hydration-wise.

Lifeway Elixir, Makomas Baobob, STEAZ Energy, GURU Organic Energy, Brooklyn Organics


Lifeway's tangy tart USDA Organic Kefir-naturally loaded with active probiotics-supportive of natural GI functions (plus immunity, weight-and theoretically a whole lot of other human health issues)- are a daily habit.A latest fav flavor-=Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea kefir-makes us feel like Superman-Wonder Woman after one tasty sip.
New to the product line-up- LIFEWAY ELIXIR- slightly fizzy effervescent beverages in four on trend flavors -spicy ginger, fruity tangerine, floral hibiscus (reportedly an aphrodisiac), and elderberry-fyi-all make excellent cocktail mixers. Naturally low in sugar (45 calories/bottle)-and easy on the taste bids-straight up (imo)-these sips are -organic, gluten+caffeine free, kosher, vegan-a good post workout thirst quencher. Delivering soon.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Fancy Food Show

Part One:



Human hydration needs for summer's heated up exercises -get amped reason why powered up liquids are gaining favor and flavors from plants, spices, coffee/tea combos- and and a little bit of scientific know-how.

CALIFIA Farms elevated the niche cold brew coffee market-that we remember drinking up-back in the days  -in New Orleans.. encouraging so many hot/iced coffee drinkers to enjoy this cult liquid-that it's now widely available in retail outlets, nationwide. New single serve options now include tasty flavors of plant sourced, non-dairy, enhanced 'milk' -and athlete must-intense sips of their caffeinated cold brew, slightly sweetened with cane sugar-mixed in with protein packed almond milk.
Pictured: good post workout-recovery option -is the-Maca-Nilla Almond Milk -new flavor addition joining the Choco-Maca Almond Milk version. With real deal vanilla+touch a spicy cardamon-this is truly a satisfying cold beverage-even for those who don't like almond milk per se (or thinnish -ness)... and bonus, it's not too sweet. Non-Gmo verified, dairy free (we find that's helps stressed out GIs), gluten, soy, carrageen, and  BPA FREE too, vegan, kosher-with 8 grams of protein sourced from peas/brown rice-plus 1000mg of superfood maca from Peru.
In the middle-Ginger Almond Milk-perfect balance of aromatic spices-containing anti-inflammatory Turmeric (curcumin)-that we found surprisingly delicious-creamy sip magnified by coconut cream.
On the far right-athlete staple coffee served up smooth= the Califia Farms Triple Shot cold brew coffee -extra caffeine hit 170mgs/bottle+110 calories-with cane sugar+touch of sea salt, plus easy to digest almond milk made from non-GMO almonds. One of 12, single smaller bottle sized, flavors available- -this buzzy liquid precursor is a fuel worthy workout drink-especially in hotter temps. Too bad they don't have this version of a cold one-at water stations during long endurance races!
FYI:-wonder why you need to refrigerate cold brew coffee? It's characteristic low acid, smoothness vs hot coffee's bitter bean's acids-note-  why this chillin' sip is easy to drink straight up also the reason for its one-two week shelf life post acids around to slay bacteria/mold that naturally occurs in beverages. SO KEEP COLD+ DRINK UP.

Rebel Kitchen-hails from the UK...expands its coconut water  product line with flavored coconut  milk drinks in smaller one to two serving(s) containers. Tasty-all are made from organic ingredients and are thirst quenching water substitutes (imo)-made from spring water and 11% organic coconut milk. Naturally we gravitated towards the coffee flavor-sweetened up a tad with organic date nectar-plus organic coffee beans. Though not a caffeine hit -consider this drink-nonetheless, a heat scorching slayer. Available in the former colonies-including specialty stores-health food-and chains like Fairways/TOPS.
 PS: The name -conjures up the company MO-'healthy state of rebellion' -born out of a need to 'redefine health...' including not just natural sustainable sourcing, organic 'simple' ingredients-but also include spiritual aspects of healthy eating on planet earth. Bonus-a certified B Corp.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


 via GIPHY

An eating habit akin to PAC MAN addiction, food wise-just might be inhaling a handful of pistachio nuts.
No wonder...culinary spinoffs of this popular treat-grown in California (mostly, and Iran)...are enticing consumers.

Top Picks:
Setton Farms employees must be cracking' happy-all those delicious nutritious (servings-serve up 7 grams of protein,  10% daily fiber, plus Vitamin B6, magnesium, thiamine, phosphorus, copper ad potassium).. 100% natural pistachio nuts probably placed for grabbing- all over their facilities.
New: Adding to their travel friendly- snack sized Chewy Bites collection, a winning pair-up of chewy dried blueberry infused cranberries in a pleasingly gooey crunchy pistachio nut mix-up, sweetened up with coconut+ maple brown rice syrup.  Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, certified Kosher, AND heart healthy for guilt free, nutritious snacking-made of of 50% pistachio nuts-5 grams protein/serving. Available now.

La Tourangelle Artisan Oils- including all natural Roasted Pistachio Nut Oil (and spray)-and its other hand-crafted line-up of nut oils are best selling items in many specialty food retail outlets. Pictured above-the deeply rich green Pistachio Oil- can be used as flavorful addition to ice cream, salad dressing, pasta, dips-and even grilled meats. Non-GMO certified, BPA free packaging-and-made in California in the traditional (time consuming) 150 year old French methods... widely available.
FYI-these pure, finely expeller-pressed nut oils-are bursting with tastiness-a little amount carries big favorable punch.
Widely available-GIANT Snacks' Pistachios in Dill Pickle (sea salt, vinegar, pickle brine, hints of onion+garlic) and Sweet +Salty (sugar/sea salt)...-are finding  favor with fans of their winning line-up of ball park staple=  roasted and salted high quality sunflower seeds. We inhaled our original style sample-chewy fresh perfectly sea salty California grown pistachios in the hour equivalent of a New York minute. 'Nuff said. 

Monday, July 31, 2017


Specialty Food Show 2017

Tempting Dessert Toppings-featuring rich caramel always a fav...spoon worthy good enough to eat fun sweet bubbles-a take on the Taiwan Bubble Tea craze that's gone global.

Robert Rothschild Farms popular dessert toppings have a new flavor- Caramel Nocino -caramel-vanilla sugary nutty addition 
DATE LADY USDA ORGANIC, gluten-free and Kosher- Date Caramel Sauce-SOFI winner worthy of ice cream, cheesecake and as a crisp cut able dip-bade from real deal cream, their award winning date syrup...with aromatic vanilla and touch of sea salt.
Vermont based FAT TOAD FARM-SOfi Winner-Traditional Goat Milk Caramel-uses traditional methods to churn out many velvety, creamy caramel products-in partnership with Vermont Creamery...a local source for its subtle tangy goat milk flavor. New: Bourbon Barrel Aged Hard Cider Caramel-a collab with Stowe Cider-not too sweet smooth addition to a winning line-up of dessert toppings.

Chewy fun-made of sweet tapioca+fruity jellies (different flavors-25% real fruit juice)-PURE25 Bursting Bobas not just adorn tea these days-used to add some fun atop cocktails too. This company sells this Asian inspired treat-cholesterol+fat free, low sodium+calorie, and vegetarian- in 6 flavors-delivers in 7.26 lb tubs-probably targeting professional users.INFO:

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sensational: Ready to Eat Sauces From Family Recipes

Fancy Food Show 2017 

Part One

NEW Scrumptious flavors of classic sauces/marinades- liven up entrees, pastas and appetizers without the fuss/hassle-using family (mom's) recipes.
Noted: Family owned, tasty global inspirations, 'clean' ingredients-are specialty food trends -  embraced by smaller companies where the owners are happy to  dish out their own creations...AND have put the big companies on notice-attracting infusions of cash or outright offers to buy.

Top Picks:

Why bother buying all those ingredients to make pesto from a homemade recipe-when NJ based RANDAZZO;s Pesto Sauces-including delicious, versatile Kale Pesto, pictured above- made without added sugar or preservatives and containing real deal 100% extra virgin olive oil -not a cheaper oil blends of similarly priced other brands ($5.99) and Pecorino Romano cheese...makes it 'honest to goodness sauces' just like you (or your mother) would. AND-without the clean-up hassles too.
Like many of these family owned food companies, Randazzo was founded (2008) in a home kitchen by someone who wouldn't even think of using sauces in a jar-until she produced her own. Other varieties of this sauce/dip/flavor-spinach, Basil and Five Herbs. Widely available...
Further proof New Jersey rocks-literally---Bongiovi Pasta Sauces by father of rock legend Jon Bon Jovi...are all natural, gluten free, Kosher and no preservatives... quality sauces-inspired by a great-grandmother's secret recipe. Pretend or imagine spending hours toiling over a hot stove, simmering fresh tomatoes, aromatic basil,  garlic and onions for delectable Marinara sauce-you and your fellow eaters will be Bongiovi converts at the first whiff/taste of this classic Italian pasta/pizza staple. Other sauce flavors available include Dad's Original -with garden fresh vegetables-red/green bell peppers+mushrooms, Tomato Basil, Arrabbiata (spicy) with pepper accents, Hearty Garlic Sauce-using Italian vine -ripened tomatoes, and a Classic Curry -great for a variety of pastas, seafood, pork or chicken.
Bonus Points-terrific packaging-in easy to open -resealable pouches...easier to carry+shelve-in cabinets and refrigerate after opening, Also available in traditional glass jars. More Bonus Points: Bongiovi brand created to help support the Jon Bon Jovi Foundation-a non-profit with a mission " combat issues that force families and individuals into economic despair through he funding and creation of programs and partnerships."
Celebrated Italian born James Beard acclaimed chef+entrepreneur+ TV Emmy winner Lidia Bastianich visited (and) tasted many of the Italian delicacies freshly conjured up at the Specialty  Food Show-in addition to supporting her own line of authentic sauces-like the Chunky Eggplant and Garden Vegetable flavors-(Kosher, gluten-free)-all made from imported Italian plum tomatoes + available in 25oz glass jars ($7.80). Two new(ish) offerings=  two USDA Organic, made in NY-Marinara and Tomato Basil sauces ($8.99) that have mouth watering ingredients  from both sides of the Atlantic-organic Italian tomatoes, organic carrots, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic California garlic, sea salt organic basil, organic honey and organic crushed red pepper.

SAUCY MAMA-(parent company, family founded Barhyte Specialty Foods)-gets down to business...with sizzling up some BBQ heat-using the Sweet Heat Marinade-a mix of creamy black pepper and sweet -hot chili sauce-like red Anaheim chilis+red jalapeno peppers -perks up red meat, pork-or as a flavor loaded dip for dumplings. 

YO MAMA'S YOM FOODS Marinara Sauce uses "Grandma Cacciatore's Sicilian family recipe"  to serve up naturally low in sugar/sodium pasta staple made from vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and fragrant herbs. Available in 24oz glass jars.
Other offerings-Balsamic made from pure Modena Italy balsamic to dress up salads... and Sesame sauce-made with gluten-free tamari rather than soy sauce.